Your first appointment:

For your first appointment you will need:

  1. Your paperwork (bring it with you or come in early to fill it out at the studio.)
  2. Please wear loose clothing.
  3. If you will be submitting for reimbursement from your insurance company you may need a referral from your physician. Every insurance plan is different so please check your plan.
  4. If you are curious about our HIPAA practices, you can read about it here:

Our Rates

Payment is expected at the time of service.

We take health saving accounts, cash, check or credit/debit.

You will receive an itemized receipt for each visit to submit your claim to your insurance company.

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation:  $125
  • 55 minute Physical Therapy Session:  $105
  • Home visit rates are dependent upon needs and location.

Committed to create individual treatment plans.

Are you ready?

  1. Have you tried Physical Therapy and had little or temporary relief?
  2. Have you "graduated" from physical therapy, but are still experiencing pain with your normal activities?  
  3. Are you unable to exercise without pain?  
  4. Do you occasionally have pain that was not there the day before? For example: you feel like your pelvis is off, you have a new shoulder pain because you slept on it wrong, last week you could workout pain-free but this week something is different.
  5. Do you need more coaching, someone to guide you through and progress you in your strengthening program because you are worried about causing more injury?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you!

We will help you more than just recover from an injury.


1. Why don’t you take insurance?
I have worked in outpatient physical therapy clinics that take insurance and unfortunately the insurance companies place many restrictions, rules, and regulations on these clinics from the number of visits they can see the patient for to the amount of time they can spend with the patient.  The goal of Mend is to treat the patient not the insurance company.  As a cash-pay practice the patient will be treated based on their needs, their doctor's requests, and the patient’s goals.  Additionally, along with the insurance companies rules and regulations they have also decreased reimbursement to their providers.  What this means to the patient is that in order to meet their bottom line, many clinics will see multiple people at the same time, have overlapping appointments, have patients treated by assistants or technicians, and only treat one body part at a time versus looking at the patient as a whole. 

2. Can I seek reimbursement from my insurance company?
Yes. Mend will give you an itemized receipt with all of the important information that the insurance company will need to reimburse you directly.  Please note that every insurance policy is different and your reimbursement will depend on the guidelines you have previously agreed on with your provider, for out-of-network providers.  Your insurance company should be able to give you the specific percentages at which they typically reimburse.

3. How much does a session cost?
The first treatment will cost $125.  That includes the evaluation, typically a manual treatment to help decrease the pain and a few exercises or techniques to use at home to get you on the road to decreased pain.  Each session following is $105.  Each session will be around 55 minutes long.

4. What forms of payment can I use?
Mend takes all credit cards, health savings accounts and cash.  Payment is due at time the of service.

5. What should I bring to my first appointment?
Please come a few minutes early to fill out paperwork; bring your prescription from your doctor (if you have one, though one is not required) and wear loose fitting clothing.

6. What do you treat?
We treat most orthopedic problems including spine injuries, general pain, joint injuries, strains, sprains, plantar fasciitis, headaches, chronic pain, post-surgical recovery, pregnancy pain, post-partum pain.  We have also treated many athletes who have pain when they are performing or during their off-season to improve their performance. 

7. How many visits will I need?
It is hard to determine how many visits someone will need as it depends on the problem and the patient’s goals. Typically, the patient should notice a difference in their problem within 1-2 sessions.  Patients have been treated in as quickly as 1 visit.  Other patients have different goals or needs and therefore may be seen for 4-8 visits.

8. My doctor prescribed 2 visits a week for 8 visits, do I need all of those visits?
My goal is to help you achieve your goals as efficiently and as effectively as possible, so that may mean that after your first or second session you may not need to come back or you may not need to come back very frequently.  Typically one treatment session a week is enough to help you meet your goals.  Not only is this far more cost effective but it saves you time.  We will give you the tools you need to decrease your pain and strengthen your body to minimize the chance of reinjuring yourself. That is the beauty of cash pay physical therapy, we can do what you want and need versus an orthopedic clinic that takes insurance; they typically have to increase the visit frequency due to the decreased amount of one-on-one time.