Mend is:

Mend started as a concept, an idea that the body works as a whole versus as individual parts.

We all know this but the health system we work in does not allow us to treat people as whole. Today the insurance companies require physical therapists to treat the body part, not the body; insurance companies make the requirements for how many or how few sessions a person needs based on a diagnosis; they even limit the time spent with patients by limiting the amount they will reimburse the companies. Insurance companies do not take into consideration all of the other factors that can contribute to pain such as a previous injury or surgery.

As a result there are so many people who continue to have treatable pain. People who continue to need someone to guide them through a tough time or help them on occasion when their pain returns. They need someone to look at their whole body. For example, we saw a person the other day who was having lateral hip pain and upon evaluation the problem was actually in her thoracic-lumbar spine. We corrected the problem in the spine and her hip pain reduced. If she would have seen a traditional physical therapist, the prescription would have likely been for hip pain and the physical therapist may or may not have actually looked at the thoracic spine.

Hence Mend Physical Therapy was started .

A new kind of movement.

You are in Control

Mend is cash-pay physical therapy. This business model allows us to work as a physical therapist treating the patient, not the insurance company. Mend is a place where the treatment is truly patient-centered and where we can help the patient meet their goals.

Treatment to keep you performing your best before or after your race.


These patients came to mend and this is why you should too!

Julie is a miracle-worker!  I was having recurring knee pain and she was able to pinpoint the problem in just one session and help me dance pain-free.
Having Julie as my physical therapist is a blessing.  She’s knowledgeable, considerate of limitations and because of her I’m able to keep moving. Having the same therapist each visit who knows my history makes the treatment much more effective.  PT with Julie is the only way to go!
As a life long trained dancer, and as a Pilates and Gyrotonic trainer, movement is of central importance to all aspects of my life and career. When my leg was run over by a pickup truck and required surgery on my ankle and knee I was devastated. Luckily, I have been able to do my physical therapy with Julie. She has a keen intuition backed by a vast knowledge base. She has a great ability to see the greater picture in terms of overall function and movement patterning of the body and the skills to facilitate effectively the healing process. My surgeon was astounded at my recovery. I don’t believe it would have been possible without Julie’s skills and talents as a physics therapist.
Mend Physical Therapy has exceeded my expectations.  Julie provided excellent hands on therapy, just the right amount of personal compassion as well as her unwavering enthusiasm to keep me motivated despite my initial pain.  The combination of exercises at the studio and those supplied to continue at home have gotten me back to functioning normally again.  Thanks Julie!
I have had Julie Simpson as my physical recovery therapist on two different occassions.  Even with the constraints on what she could do by the insurance protocols, I always looked forward to her always positive out looks, her sense of humor and especially her caring and professional approach to her work and the treatment she was providing.  And, as medical insurance and care continues to move in the direction that pigeon holes patients into one size fits all, we will probably be seeing a lot more of the 'cash service provider'.

Come see us.